Elliott Moss’ New Barbecue Joint, Best in America According to Bon Appetit

Elliott Moss: The Best New Barbecue Joint in America According to Bon Appetit Elliott Moss chef and pitmaster of Buxton Hall Barbecue  will be the first to tell you he’s not classically trained. In fact, he got his start in the kitchen of a South Carolina Chick-fil-A. After years of chasing his dream of opening up […]

Barbecue Trail in North Carolina

The North Carolina Barbecue Trail – Legends and Revolutionary This historic trail leads barbecue fans through the whole state of NC to some of the best BBQ joints. These pitmasters keep the traditional craft alive: Their pits are fueled only by charcoal or wood, they make their own sauce and they are in the barbecue […]

TRADITIONAL Whole Hog BBQ By Rodney Scott

How To Cook A TRADITIONAL Whole Hog The Scott’s Way Rodney Scott cooked his first whole hog at age 11 and has been pitmaster at Rodney Scott’s BBQ for almost 30 years. He exclusively cooks “whole hog,” which is exactly what it sounds like: the entire pig, slow-smoked for 12 hours, and served on a […]

Barbecue with Aaron Franklin

Working 24 Hours at the Best BBQ in the World | Bon Appetit Aaron Franklin and Andrew Knowlton deputy editor Bon Appetit  spend 24 hours at Franklin Barbecue starting out at 6:00 am and meeting fans of the restaurant who have been waiting since 4:00 am to be the first in line. He spends the […]

Why Rodney Scott’s Barbecue Takes Weeks To Make

Rodney Scott cooked his first whole pig at 11 years old, sealing his fate to become a barbecue pit master. Today, he runs the pit his parents — Roosevelt and Ella — opened in a converted garage in 1972: Scott’s BBQ, in Hemingway, South Carolina. Scott’s Bar-B-Que was founded in 1972 by Ella and Roosevelt […]