Southeast Asian Grilled Sriracha Chicken! (Rooster Stix Sriracha Garlic Butter)

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May 7, 2017
Brisket Smoked In A Offset
May 9, 2017

This was awesome! I got to help out with the rollout of a very cool new Sriracha product! Kicked up the spice on this recipe from the inside out!

Rooster Sticks:
Seasoning Stix:
Learn how to spatchcock a chicken:


  1. T-ROY COOKS says:

    What a cool idea to season up some food. You were enjoying that chicken so much I didn’t think you were gonna save any for the family? LOL

  2. Wayne Fergerstrom says:

    greg was grubbin all the chicken for himself!

  3. Bernd Wiesmann says:

    Hey Greg, how many stix did you put in this bird. very cool idea…. your channel is great…

  4. Oren says:

    What clever concept of inserting flavors. My brain was turning for flavors in a rib roast, turkey and pork butt or lion.

  5. Rich Piana says:

    Looks really good

  6. Rich Piana says:

    You should really say what kind of beer goes with chicken meat burgers with every show.

  7. BrownGeezer01 says:

    Greg knows how to make the chicks moist

  8. Marcin Marciniak says:

    hmm… I don’t know…. I thought the stix would dissolve. :

  9. Scott Galt says:

    Great video! That has “fun” written all over it!

  10. gijsyo says:

    Love the channel but the sticks are gimmicky. A syringe with Sriracha would do the same, probably at a fraction of the price.

  11. John Ratko says:

    Thank Bog Summer’s coming.

  12. Scott DeGasperis says:

    Interesting product! How does it compare to using a liquid injector?

  13. cmandaro says:

    so how many did you use per side??

  14. Michelle Denise says:

    I need those sticks, no link below but I’ll find them online

  15. Dwayne Wladyka says:

    That’s an interesting seasoning. Succulent looking chicken. Cheers!

  16. TheMayhem15 says:

    You were lost for words lol. Nice one Greg.

  17. PhilippF says:

    must have been good! i´ve never seen you eating so much on camera 😀

  18. Black Eagle says:

    Cool idea
    looks fantastic the chicken

    i hope i can buy the in the nearly future in germany too

  19. LooneyMoonFilms says:

    09:10 mmmmmmmmmmmm

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