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A Pig’s Tale

This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went home, this little piggy partnered with Bubba, and now this little piggy is bringing home the bacon. Are you a barbecue loving, pig smoking, everybody gather ’round son of a gun? Then partner with us to promote your latest cookout, event, or product and you, too, can be bringing home the bacon.

A Pig's Tale at Bubba BBQHere at Bubba BBQ, we bring like-minded folks and organizations together to create mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships and opportunities. We utilize innovative and effective methods to boost our clients’ bottom lines. We represent barbecue people, destinations, and projects to help promote and grow the barbecue culture.

Bringing Home The Bacon

To bring home the bacon, you need to be seen and people need to know who you are. With our reach on social media, the Bubba BBQ website, and cook off events, we can help get BBQ lovers from all over the world to see who you are and what you have to offer. Below you can see our social media reach.

3 Ways Bubba Can Help You

Have a cool new product that you want to promote? We can put your products right onto the Bubba BBQ Shop a help promote and grow your brand.

Here’s How It Works

You begin the process by filling out a short form telling us about your product and your business. After approval of your product, we will get in contact with you to establish items such as pricing, shipping preferences, and samples. Your product is then uploaded onto Bubba BBQ’s Shop and becomes a featured product on the front page for a minimum of one week.

  • Minimum one week home page feature product
  • Promotion on the Bubba BBQ website and social media
  • Brand growth and recognition through advertising on multiple outlets

Other Selling Options

Don’t have a product but want to start selling products with your logo on it? Bubba BBQ has a large variety of products such as shirts, hats, sweaters, mugs, magnets, heck even pillows, all made on demand, in any quantity. Once we decide on what product you want to sell, we can place that item onto our store. All products are on demand, meaning you never have to keep an inventory.

  • No on hand inventory… EVER
  • Highest quality name brand products
  • Large Variety of products to choose from

advertising outlet

Through strategic posting/tweeting, ad placements, and promotional campaigns, we can ensure that you get in front of as many eyes as possible helping to create brand awareness and recognition.

  • Over 10,000 followers on social media
  • Dedicated ad space right on
  • Cook-Off Sponsorship available

Want the whole pig? Bubba’s sponsors receive all avenues of promotion. Benefits include: 1. Your logo on every promotion and banner wherever Bubba BBQ goes, including events across Texas and Kansas. 2. Your logo on all pages of the website 3. Social media promotion such as a spot on every promotion and banner at all cook-off events Bubba BBQ participates in all over the Texas and Kansas City area, your logo on all pages of the website, and guaranteed social media promotion to list a few.

  • Logo on every page of linked to your site or social media
  • A guaranteed minimum amount of social media promotion to Bubba’s over 10,000 followers
  • A spot for your logo on every promotion and banner at cook-off events

ranchito crew

How to Apply

Contributors Do You Love BBQ? Do you write, photograph or make videos about barbecue? Are you willing to grow your brand and can contribute one or more articles a month? Grow Your Audience: Full credit for each post (a full bio on the blog + author info on each post) Social media promotion (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) In post + on blog promotion (a link to your website and social media) What we’re looking for: There are no specific requirements (i.e.: no required amount of experience, no specific type of camera, etc), but the ideal candidates are: Have a passion for barbecue and have the ability to write about it Able to easily meet deadlines and have strong communication skills Able to easily take great photographs and turn them into pin-worthy photos for every post submitted Able to produce original content (written or video) at least once a month Willing to promote their work on their own social media accounts

The application can be found

How to Apply

Submit an original article or video for review. Those accepted will be contacted with further instructions, deadlines and publishing schedule.

The application can be found

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