Elliott Moss’ New Barbecue Joint, Best in America According to Bon Appetit

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Elliott Moss: The Best New Barbecue Joint in America According to Bon Appetit

Elliott Moss chef and pitmaster of Buxton Hall Barbecue  will be the first to tell you he’s not classically trained. In fact, he got his start in the kitchen of a South Carolina Chick-fil-A. After years of chasing his dream of opening up a BBQ restaurant, Moss opened Buxton Hall in Asheville, NC.

According to Food Republic, “Elliott Moss is passionate about his barbecue, but don’t call him a purist. While other smoked-meat obsessives kvetch about the details — whether the fuel source is hickory, oak or (gasp!) gas; or whether the sauce contains ketchup, vinegar or mustard; or whether the meat is pig or cow — Moss has one laser focus: to create the most delicious food possible in his particular corner of North Carolina.

So he has no qualms about following Eastern North Carolina–style cooking traditions at his restaurant, Buxton Hall, located in the Western North Carolina city of Asheville — a move some sticklers would consider cross-cultural trespassing, or worse, barbecue blasphemy. ”

To read the entire article about Moss’ passion for North Carolina barbecue, You can read the article here.

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It would be difficult to find business partners with backgrounds more different than Elliott Moss and Meherwan Irani. Their partnership hinges on the passion that food invokes: the history it recalls, the techniques it uses, the shared experiences it produces. After meeting at a Blind Pig Supper in 2013, their mutual love of food and Asheville inspired them to team up and open Buxton.

Buxton Hall finally opened in August of 2015, with Moss tending the pits, and Irani bringing his experience as a restauranteur to the operation. Together, they’re revitalizing Carolina barbecue history, demonstrating that tradition tastes good.

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