Cowboy Steak Blues

Country Ribs recipe
May 12, 2017
Steak and Cheese Rolls
May 14, 2017

Down and out? Fix those Cowboy steak blues and try this recipe -extracted from our full length and detailed classic Rib Steak video here: -…Please Subscribe, Fav and Share us. Thanks..! Are you looking for barbecue and grilling recipes to serve up at your Pit, family picnic, or tailgating party? Then put your Barbecue Shoes on because we're serving up some delicious, moist and tender, and real easy to do cooking on the ol' BBQ grill.

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  1. zerosanity01986 says:

    Cooking some fish stew and watching this…. Ohh the pain…..

  2. Ilene Ova says:

    they would tip Fred Flintstones car over.

  3. Michael Francis Sr says:


  4. Divine temple-Azathoth says:

    Alright Where is GUUUUUD

  5. Ciprian Avarvarei says:

    Awesome !! Greetings from Romania !!

  6. Sher Lock says:

    just a beautiful as a new born

  7. torch0001 says:

    it smells GUUUD !!

  8. insane jk says:

    진짜 존나 맛있겠다 시팔….

  9. Ulises Urciaga says:

    “EAT MEAT” hahahaa

  10. Matthew says:

    You guys don’t need to change your concept. The longer vids which you still do occasionally are preferred to this type.

  11. Thomas Gartner says:

    great vid as always, who is playing the music?

  12. Francis Tuazon says:

    i have never been so entertained watching a rated R video in my life!

  13. John White says:

    25 vegimatics voted! Anaemic Cretins. XD

  14. Jason Simms says:

    Nothing beats a Cowboy Rib-eye!!! Nice job fellas!!!

  15. Angelo Fino says:

    I thought porn wasn’t aloud on YouTube. It made me h a r d, pls send help

  16. James Read says:

    when Prometheus stole fire from the gods, it was to cook a fat steak like this

  17. LakusL Hah says:

    I’ve never had a steak bigger than 250 gram. I really want one of those 🙁

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