December 19, 2016

MothersBBQ | Smoked Pork Belly on the RecTec Pellet Smoker

On this cook, I take a stab at smoking a 5lb pork belly on the RecTec pellet smoker. I must say that this was the best […]
December 19, 2016

BBQ Bacon & Cheddar Smashburger Copycat Recipe!

If you haven't smashed a burger yet, you're missing out on burger magic! Buy Smasher: Buy Griddle:
December 19, 2016

BBQ Pit Boys Happy Holidays and Merry Heavy Metal

Holiday Greetings from the Pit. We appreciate your support all these 10 years. And best wishes to you and family for a Happy New Year – […]
December 17, 2016

BBQ Pit Boys Chapters -the Early Years

Now residing safely in the Museum of Grilling Pioneers in Washington DC, the very first BBQ Pit Boys Chapter Certificate. Issued back in 1896 to the […]